Dr. Monali Badki

About Dr. Monali Badki

Graduation in Bachelor of Dental Surgeon.

Apart from a Trainer, Social Tycon. She is an Entrepreneur, owning a prestigious Dental Clinic in Navi Mumbai, Having Dentistry experience of 5+ years in Multispeciality Dental Clinic Management Practice like :-

– Cosmetic Dentistry
– Dental Implant
– Smile Designing
– Dental Jewelry & Laminates
– Root Canal Treatment
A charismatic personality, In short briefed as an Entrepreneur, Management Guru, Strategist, Consultant, Trainer, Public Speaker and a Social Tycoon.

Advanced smile makeovers, full mouth dental implants, zirconia and CAD CAM crowns, laser dentistry, invisible braces – we offer our patients the absolute best and latest in dental technology. Each of our specialist dentists has received advanced training across the world such as Germany, USA, UK. Our team is stringently hand picked out of the thousands of applications we receive each year. This ensures that at Dentzz, you will always be in the best of hands.We know our work is unparalleled. Therefore, we have no hesitation in offering genuine warranties of up to 20 years on our work, even money back warranties in certain cases.Unlike an individual dentist’s practice in which vital support depends upon the dentist’s availability, we will always be there for you for years to come. We have multiple specialists across every field. So there will always be a backup should any individual team member not be available after a few years.All materials used in our setup are imported from USA, UK, Germany, Australia. They are the same materials used in any top practice across the world. We do not use sub standard Chinese imports, which unfairly brings down the costs to the patient.