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Appa Institute of Engineering and Technology, Gulbarga

Wicky I have learnt many things from you, Now I am confident that I can crack any interview. You are friendly, encouraging, knowledgeable. Thank You.
Vinay R.K
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us Wicky.
It was overall good.
Your friendly nature helped us to interact much in the session.
Soujanya M
I have attended this kind of sessions first time, I am very happy to Sir like you. This sessions helps me to face all the interviews courage-ly and more than face easily. I learnt each and everything which I was not known earlier to give interview.
Deepa G
I have attended this kind of sessions first time, I am very happy to Sir like you. This sessions helps me to face all the interviews courage-ly and more than face easily. I learnt each and everything which I was not known earlier to give interview.
Deepa G
The soft skill session training will be very helpful and in my further future. The trainer is knowledgeable. The way he interacted with the students is excellent. And from this training I can crack my interviews with well soft skills. And I got some very helpful tips and I am able to utilise my knowledge like your Sir, thank you.
Basaweshwari Masarkal
Whatever was taught is excellent and is too much to remember so it was better if we get a printed copy of all the topics in course. Overall there was very too many new topics that we got to know.
M K Abhishek
As it was taught for the first time we are very happy to have sir like you. As you taught very new things which we don’t know earlier and I will be very applicable for attaining our future interviews. Thank you for giving training and we got how to write an resume and more questions which will be asked by the HR for an interview. Thank you Wicky.
Mr Wicky David you have a food communication skills, when you talk with others automatically you will pay attention towards other students and encourage to pay attention towards you.
You are a good trainer who had given a opportunity to improve my knowledge with skills and also help me to solve my questions.
The trainer is friendly and the interaction helped me to learn more things. Sorry to say this, but I felt you were insulting the answers at some instances. I strongly appreciate your communication skills and knowledge.
A good interactive session, was helpful in the enhancing my knowledge, got to learn many new things.
As a learner towards my goal and improving my skills and knowledge I found a best place. Today I got many things which made me to think the reality. I improved myself by attending these classes. Thank you for giving wonderful idea about whichever we not known.
Suma Kakalvar
The overall training was knowledgeable. Got to learn new things, as the session was interactive, got to know our weaknesses which can be overcome for the next time. The trainer was friendly and helped us the way we wanted.
I enjoyed the training as I learnt a lot from this session and I am sure that I will apply all these in my future questions. Than You Sir.
Suman R I
By learning the two days session, I can able to improve my skills, so its a good session. During teaching the voice should be little bit louder.
Wicky, Your training was productive and helpful. The way you carried out through the session was knowledge and fun oriented. I would expect you to train us again if possible where will get some new different things to learn and explore. Thank You.
Kamalakshi Swamy
Hi Wicky, you have great communication knowledge and you have brilliant knowledge about the interview. It was very best sessions that you taught us. It is very nice ! Surely it will work lot in my future. Thank you for visiting here !
Firstly I will thank you for this soft skills training, I think you did a good job.
Naveen Huli
The training given by you is better. It had given lot of knowledge to me, it has help very much by attending classes and had learned little bit how to face the interview.
The training was excellent but it will not reach my expectation, because I am not able to speak good English, so you can teach that how to improve your English and how to handle group discussion. Thank you Wicky.
Vishwaradhya D
I just want to say that this session by you was very useful to me as I came to know many things, information, skills that can be helpful for my job interviews and career ahead, even I would like to say that you have got a good sense of humour, mean relating the present situation to another one which makes more clear and because of this quality in you I enjoyed allot in this session and gained sufficient knowledge as well.
Jayalakshmi N K
Firstly Thank you for your valuable time that you spent with us to share the skills of interview. Personally, I really feel that this was needed. I must say that, your boosted me strength, confidence and hope that I will surely be giving my best now onwards in any interview I attend. And you have politely encouraged me though indirectly, to keep confidence in my words, that I speak and mentioned a lot that what we speak and how we speak matters. Thanking You.
First I thankful to you Sir, giving your valuable time to train us. We can able to learn more soft skills from you Sir by training us. We came to learn soft skills, We have learned more soft skills from you sir.
Ashwini Sajjan
The training was good. And it is helpful for career. I learned lot of new things in three days of training. Your training build a confidence that at least I could attend the interviews.
Overall training given by the facilitator Wicky David is goof. I learned some new things from your side. The knowledge given by Wicky David I should utilised it in my career. Thank you for giving knowledge.
Thank you Wicky for this wonderful training. I had many questions as how to gain courage and confidence. I had really gained more knowledge from you, Your training was really helpful for me. This was my first ever training which has helped me in the best way.
I am very thankful to you as training you have provided is very helpful and good.
Apeksha Kulkarni
The training reached my expectation since the program facilitator was good in explaining all things which are helpful in my further interview.
I have learned so many new things from you Sir, your interaction with us was very good. We had fun too. You are very knowledgeable person.
Thank you Wicky, I am glad to give you the feedback. Your interaction skills and way is just really awesome, you create a friendly environment where in everyone can feel free to interact. You have a great knowledge and skills or way to answer any questions at the stretch at that moment which is really good. Your way of communication is very nice and even your body language. I humbly thank you for providing such huge and great knowledge which will be very useful.
According to my expectations the training was the best because I had come into know many of the things which was unknown for me. The interaction between you and us was good. I like the way you explained us about the interview by giving some example which was easy to understand that which are the problems or mistake that should not be done during interview. Somewhere there was missing missing is the communication between us.
Training was really good, very interactive and friendly. Got to know some good things. Sir you look like Rajkumar Rao. I loved your confidence sir and even your body language.
Thank you so much for providing so much of knowledge. I was not knowing many things about how to answer and what to answer in Interview. Thank you for encouraging for each and every answers given.
It was very helpful to develop my skill and I hope it can be easily applied to any of the interview. Real world examples makes us understand the concept very easily. Till now, it was first experience where we have gained something new and it was best. Hope, it is helpful if we are going to get a job by using all your suggestions, I am very glad and lucky to say it, this was it and first is always best.
This training was helpful for me to learn many things and I can implement it in my future. But I have one doubt, what if we have additional qualification but we are not certified for that, so should we mention therein our resume.
It was a good session except that we could have known more questions that are to be asked during the interview. The questions are being asked from our side; it would have been great if many questions and information were from your side.
You helped us to know at what level we can face the interview. But now as you trained, will try to follow all the instructions which have been said by you.
The training is good. It helps us to improve the soft skills and personality. I learned the much new things.

Ashokrao Mane College of Pharmacy, Kolhapur

He has very knowledge and He has very good personality.
Amar Jadhav
I am fully inspired by today’s program. Wicky David Sir gave us useful information which will be helpful for us in future. Thanks Sir for inspiring us. Thank You.
Yogesh Salunkhe
Mr Wicky David is intelligent and good person. I fully inspired from today’s program. He gave us such helpful information to us. Thank You.
Akshay Phadatare
Mr Wicky David is a intelligent trainer and good person. Mr David is fully inspired from today’s soft skill program.
Prashant Avinash Kamble
Program facilitator Mr Wicky David Sir given useful knowledge about how to face interview and how will behaviour during interview question. Excellent training program. Thank you Sir.
Ankit B Desai
The trainer Wicky David are good understanding for me. The trainer are low time get high information in success in our life. Excellent training program. Thank you Sir.
Chavan Pavan Vilas
Wicky David Sir is knowledgeable person, he spoke very frankly with student. They gave to idea about how face to interview.
Renuka Talekar
Wicky was really a good person. He is good in communication and easily interact with us. He had shared lots of his experience which was good and can help us in our future. I want to take more knowledge from him.
Gayatri Jalandar Bhute
Wicky David is very good trainer. He gave us very much useful information that we can use in our future.
Namita S Sagavekar
The program like this soft skill and the facilitator Mr Wicky David. You are the best facilitator to give more knowledge about job interview and I completely agree with you. Thank you so much.
Poonam Arage
Thank you Sir for giving us knowledge it will surely help us in future.
Sangar Pallavi
The soft skill workshop is very excellent. This knowledge are apply in future.
Wicky David was an enthusiastic person. He had all very good impact on us.
Riya Devadkkar
Wicky is very smart and Knowledgeable . His overall training is strongly encouraged me. The overall session gave me a lot of confidence.
Priyanka Patil
Wicky David is very good trainer. He gave very useful information about soft skills.
Pradnya Warke
Wicky David Sir is the knowledgeable person. He spoke very frankly. He gave the idea about how to face the interview.
Samrudhi T
Sir gave us very knowledgeable information which is definitely important for and useful in our future.
Poonam Bakale
The trainer was really knowledgeable. Sir given very knowledgeable information about the soft skills development and how to face interview and resume writing. So thank you Sir… For giving us knowledge.
Mohini Jogdande
Overall training program was excellent. The program facilitator Wicky David is a good knowledgeable person. Thank You.
Pooja A
Overall training is excellent and Wicky gives best knowledge on how to face the interview and please again conduct the session in AMCP. Thank You.
Shital Karade
The trainer was knowledgeable. He gave the important skills about how to face job interviews. I will be able to apply the knowledge what I learned from the trainer. The knowledge given by the trainer will helpful to me in my future.
The trainer was knowledgeable. He gave the knowledge about the development and job skill.
Jyoti Janvekar
The overall training is excellent. The trainer is very knowledgeable. The knowledge use for my life. The session is very interesting.
Ashwini Patil
He has very excellent knowledge for this program.
Sayali Gavade
Sayali Gavade
Tejaswini Swami
He give very excellent knowledge about the interview and soft skills.
Chetana Waghmare
I agree that trainer was knowledgeable but at some point during résumé writing I have learned some different things while attending different training in past.
Namrata Bukshet
Our trainer Wicky David is very talented.
Vijaya Dongare
The trainer interact with everyone. This soft skills seminar is excellent and I will apply this knowledge.
Shraddhali Patil
The workshop or soft skill program of Wicky David Sir is good for me.
Wicky David gives us excellent knowledge which is useful in all over our interview. He speaks in easy language how our behaviour in industry or which place you go interview with positive and smart attitude. Overall this workshop is excellent.
Sujata Kamble
The trainer is knowledgeable, he gave excellent information related to resume writing and how to face interview, this will definitely helpful for use.
Nikita Munde
Trainer is good because they interact with class easily they given important information related to resume writing. These will be helpful for us.
Pooja Sapkal
Overall training is excellent , trainer was more knowledgeable and give such a important knowledge to you. This is beneficial for our life.
Tejaswini Yadav
To give the knowledge, personal development skills. Interview skills and overall soft skills excellent job.
Snehal Chougule
Your good communication with student and your knowledge is excellent.
The trainer is knowledgeable person & his personality is kind with people. He interact with us very frankly.
According to me the training was going better, your communication and attitude is very well. I will create that in my future.
Simran Naikwade
The training is good & communication skill is better, trainer was knowledgeable.
The trainer has excellent knowledge.
Supriya Jadhav
Our trainer Wicky David is really knowledgeable person. He interact with us as our friend and also encouraged us for participation.
Pooja Khot
I pay my thanks a lot to Wicky David for giving small – small but very vital information regarding the soft skills, specially about resume writing and personal interview…!
Thank you. Nice to meet you, visit again our college.
Aldae Rajendra Bharat
Trainer is very knowledgeable.
Shendage Sachin Shankar
Trainer is very knowledgeable I was understand he say about career.
Pawar Santosh Prathod
It was very good for me or in my future.
Suryakant Prakash Shewale
The program of the soft skill was is good, I will apply this all knowledge in my future. The Wicky David is so good as a program facilitator. I want to see these program again in my college.
Dattatray Pandurang Shinde
Wicky sir was very excellent and his knowledge is very good. He has a very good personality.
Sanket Madhukar Sakate
Wicky sir was very excellent and his knowledge is very good. He has a very good personality and conversation is very good with us.
Raut Anand Soma
First of all, thank you so much Wicky David for giving such nice and good session, giving some valuable thing which are used in my life. For during job interview. Thank you so much.
Pavan Balkrishna Landge
I fully inspired from Wicky David, Wicky David is knowledgeable trainer and training program can be better too but my expectations are fulfilled. Thank you 🙂
Akash Sanjay Kurane
Your overall workshop training is good, you are knowledgeable. Thank you sir to give me knowledge.
Shrinivas Shirke
mar Wicky David is a intelligent and good person. I fully inspired from today’s program. Thank you.
Ganesh Solankar
Nice to meet you, visit again our college.
Rohit L Patil
Thank you, Visit Again.
Uday S Panhale
Nice to meet you.
Ankar Arvind Satpute
Trainer was so good. There attention to the student is very good. The Wicky Sir was very good in the overall training. Thank you Sir.
Juber Imtiyaj Mulla
Trainer was good, overall training was good. Full to final good training for soft skill.
S Vitthal Pise
The trainer are good communicate with students and give very good knowledge to students.
Swapnil Malkar
Soft’s skill development program conducted by Wicky David is very beneficial for me. It is truly based on basic question, knowledgeable personality.
Sunil Dattatray Magar
The trainer Wicky David is very excellent. The trainer is knowledgeable person, information are good for me in life. The overall communication are good in understanding overall think.
Dhavan Dnyandev
The trainer Wicky David was very good in interacting with class, he trained us very well about resume writing, how to answer questions which is going to be in interview.
Suhas Mane
He was very knowledgeable and interact to each other. He give the information about the further future aspects that very important to everyone. This will be very useful in future interviews.
Hemant Mainkar
The soft skill development session was very good. The trainer was worked excellently, he gives very well knowledge to me I am thankful to him.
Mahamadilai Budansab Sukand
The trainer Wicky David was very good in interacting with class. He trained us very well about resume writing, how to answer questions which is going to be ask in interview.
Akshay Nar
Program facilitator trainer Wicky David giving useful knowledge about how to face interview and how will behaviour during interview. As per my rating to excellent training today.
Prasad Shinde

KTHM College, Nashik

Wicky have proper knowledge of explaining things which were related to face an interview. This tupes of programmes should be done in our college regularly for graduate and master degree students and trainer should be Wicky David.
Shubhada Deshmukh
The way by which he interact with students its really good.
Shaha Sajeeya Asif
Wicky David have an excellent ideas which are helpful as guide us to improvise in our career and future.
Mr. Wicky your communication skill is very impresive and excellent.
Nikita V Wagh
You have a good personality. For any training there is need to interact with audience so you have that skill also. Nice to meet you. Thank you.
Mujgude Priya Rajaram
You are very interactive I did not felt bored. You have a good personality.
The trainer have more knowledge. How to give answers…He has skill to explain what he want to say to students.
Gaikwad Jagruti Hiraman
Wicky your communication skill is very well and we are open minded.. i.e. You communicate very openly knowledge.
Vishal Khurdal
Nice guy, talking and nice speaking.
Sir actually mne apka pura session to attend nahi kiya, but fortunetly ye last session kiya, it was excellent. You have that ll qualities which makes students a succesful worker. Par mai apko ek chij batana chahti hun, aap job ke liye worker bana rahe ho, skill develop kar rahe ho, it is good, par unko aap worker se zyada business man/ women bananeke liye motivate karo. Thank you.
Harshada Nanaji Nikam
The facilitator is well natured with english. Also have good knowledge and easily communication with students as a friend. He told good thigns, which is important in our life and good knowledge about business and our interview, this is very important things in our life hence it is useful.
Thoke Ashwin Ravindra
I really enjoyed it a lot. The session is useful and important also, trainer is really knowledgeable to give his experiences.
Chetana Tanaji Shinde
Your training is very excellent and very useful for us.
Pagar Suhas Dattatray
Wicky is a trainer which give excellent useful knowledge to students which is useful in our life. He has good personality, very friendly nature, cool and he cannot stay one place so he is very free minded, He speakes very nice and good.
Ghorpade Anuradha Bajirao
Wicky I like your personality very much, your nature also very frank. And I observed your whole skills I confirmed that you are one of the excellent and ideal businessman. Thank you.
Mane Sonali
Knowledgeable person and try to give more and more things to the trainee honestly. Wicky’s personality is good and the knowledge given by him is very useful for theyouth of India (young generation).
Wicky is such a knowledgeable person and Wicky is perfect trainer.
Dumbare Vrushali Prabhakar
Wicky is very knowledgeable person. I got a chance to learn so many new and useful things. He is friendly, frank and have a good sense of humour.
Bhakti Khambait
He is a very good spaker and trainer.
Deepali D Lilake
Wicky David is knowledgeable and good trainer.
Kunde Kalyani Manik
He is very good speaker and I had impact on listening, he talks with positiveness.
Roshani Bhaskar Zankar
He is a good trainer.
Rajshri Dattatrey P
I attend the first lecture of Wicky, it is very excellent and inspired us, He is good speaker. And I am very inspired with him. I like his way to interact with us not as a guider and teacher but as a friend and impress the way which he talking.
Priyanka Sonawane
Wicky David is a person with postive mind who can transfer this positive energy to other people and make happy and nervous free.
Sahil Binnar
Wicky is a person with full of energy and positiveness and very friendly. Solves our queries and gave solution and suggestion to us. What to do and not to do. We enjoy the seminar very well.
Bahiram Rutuja
The one thing I appreciate about you is you are trying to involve everyone in the session. Thank you.
Bhushan Pawar
Wicky your speaking language so nice and you talk polish english. You tried to explain all the things in a short example nice quality.
Jadhav Pooja Laxman
He is very knowledgeable person. The things he told about the interview, soft skills, is very important in our future.
Gauri B
Confide is good. Excellent Personality, Talk very confidently and very softly which we will understand.
Shelke Snehal
I think, I got good opportunity with interacting to the perfect source.
Bhamre Mrunali Suresh
Wicky is a nice guy, very cool and friendly. Doesnt feel like that we are interacting with some trainer. It feels like we are interacting with friend and all due to his friendly nature. Good trainer.
Suryawanshi Mitali Vilas
Best part of Wicky is lecture was “Do Not Call Me Sir”. I got the reason by Wicky’s lecture that wy I didnt get selected in interview. Wicky’s personality is impressive. By spending time, I surely can say on thing that nature of Wicky is friendly and who can give respect to everyone. Thank You. (Many more things but cant express).
Sandhvi Dinesh Bhoj
Wicky you are the knowledgeable person, a good trainer and smart.
Pravin Nagesh Aher
Wicky khup chan interact jhale aamha saglayansobat khup kahi ashya goshti hotya jya lahan vataychya pan tya professional life madhe kiti mahatvache aahe he Wicky mule samajle. Kunihi impress hoil aase vyaktimatva. Thank You.
Shruti Marathe
You are doing excellent job 🙂
Ravina Pekhale
Wicky sampurna soft skill chya madhyamatun bharpur kahi shikayla milale. Je kadhihi mahit navte te aamhala tumchya madhyamatun samjle. Heartly Thank You.
From first lecutre Mr Wicky David appreicate to us very nicely. This lecture is very useful for our great future. The way he was teaching (talking with us) it is really nice.
Aditi Handore
Your personality is very inspiring and influencing
Prathamesh Parab
Mr. Wicky is good to teach for soft skill program.
Bhoye Dipali Trambak
Mr Wicky is a very good person, He will improve my knowledge for future view, in this program he wll improve my view for career.
Kaveri Gumbade
Mister Wicky is avery intelligent person. He give me very important knowledge which is useful for me. By using the knowledge I will get success in my life. Wicky is a good person, you are a very good teacher. Thank you Wickyfor giving me this knowlegde. Thank you so much.
Pradnya Sanjay Erande
Its my first lecture I will attend this soft skills. Mr Wicky David you are very knowledgeable trainer, you will give a very important point how to face in interview, so I will follow that point. Thank you for giving me the knowledge about interview.
Rutuja Pagare
It is my first experience to listening about interview, how to face, interact with interviewer. I think no one can explain good than you 🙂
Very friendly and smart.
Sonawane Damini Ramesh
Smart, Technical, Have Ideal Personality.
Shilpa Subhash Shinde
Wicky David is good trainer, good personality, way of interaction is frank, given small but important tips for interview.
Pooja Shinde
Nice Person and Good Looking.
Good personality, You are speaking fluently, Good Trainer and Tips Nice.
Snehal Pekhale
Wicky David is very helpful, courageble and a excellent person and Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.

Government Polytechnic College, Dhule

JSPM Pune’s Bhagawant Institute of Technology, Barshi

Babasaheb Naik College of Engineering, Pusad

The trainer was knowledgeable because that shares best kniwledge about resume and that should improve the self confidence about the interview, thanking full meaning. East or West Wicky Sir is best.
Pankaj Pathak
This training gives a lot of kowledge and fun, because all of these Wicky Sir, thank you.
Shreyash Naik
Wicky sir is best teacher for me and I think that if any word is more Best than best then he will deserve that. Wicky Sir your mahol, I like you very much 🙂
Tejas B
Wicky sir is best person, he is very friendly, I am very comfortable to talk with him, he is very good trainer, before this I did not attend any seminar or training because I think that they are bore, but he change my thinking about training, thank you Sir.
Radhika D
Thank you sir for this training session, I like your confidence while interacting with students, aapki peersonality bahot achi hai.. Nice to meet you Sir.
Sonal Rathod
Apka bolne ka tarika bahut acha hai, nature friendly hai..
Sharayu Shirgire
Thank you for this training, I hope yopu will guide if I needed.
Suraj Kulthe
The trainer Wicky David has good in interaction with the students and the method to interact with the students is good 🙂
It was an very food experience with you, nice to meet with you and see you soon 🙂 An I will miss you…and no doubt your voice is awesome, I like it.
Snehal Chandrawanshi
The trainer Wicky David was good in interconnected with us and I like your quality and your audible to us… And inspiring person at all, and I thoroughly enjoyed the session.
Shivani H
I am very happy to attend your lecture and training session 🙂
Shubham Bhone
This training is good with in short time, It will I can apply further interview and I am also make better resume.
Subam Debnath
Sir, it was my first experience of such type of training because I am not so taking interest, But when I joun your class I will be think that I am a lucky one person who meet with such a frank guy like you. And you will be change my mind about interviews and your a frank nature person with whome I want to stay connected.. thank you sir 🙂 🙂
Rohit Munde
It is good experience for me and Wicky is always rock and it is good for me and whole day is memorable day and also I first time this type of interview. So thank you so much Sir.
Sir Tumhi Khup Chan Bolta. That’s All.
Shubham Thoke
Personal Comment.. Thank You Sir…Aap bahot positive hai…aapne bataye chizon ka mere jeevan me har roj istamal karunga… Your Obidently.
U P Bahekar
Your speech is very inspirable for the interview and I am very inspire from your speech. It was very best. Thank you.
V B Ghuge
Sir your idea were clear and straight forward. You did your work and its our turn to execute these tricks in our professional career and in life. Thank you.
Shubham Raut
Thanks for coming…Sirji…
Nitin Gorad
The trainer is vey positive and gives good experience.. Very frank to all students and I am lucky one to get training from Sir… Thank You.
Gopal G
The trainer is very frank to student, he have good knowledge for student to connect to work, in a short time he gets attraction of every students and Can call student by his name.
A V Patil
Formally I will tell Wicky Sir… The Sir is active and knowledgeable person who gave training in excellent way within short time and try to communicate with us, so Sir has good time management and punctuality skills.
Abhinav Mahamune
Wicky… I was very lucky to attend your lecture again…if today I was absent so it would have been my loss in education
Priti Bhujbal
Wicky your personality is excellent and I can see your confidence while explaining to others..thank you for your time for this session.
Priyank Gedam
Wicky David Sir you are knowledgeable…I like the way you connect with students.
Sir you are very knowledgeable and this is best for learning me in my life… Thank you sir..
Bhagyashala Khadse
The trainer is full of knowledge, in this training few things about the questions in interview are cleared, I am satisfied with the session.
Sunaina Rathod
Sir you are frank, good, confidant therefore student fet confident and taught from you.
Shital J
You are very perfect man.
Chaitali Waghmare
Wicky…the training was very good I have enjoyed the training this is so comfortable to learn and for positively experience this.
Gayatri Chaudhari
Wikcy Sir is friendly and frank type person.
Talk about Wicky sor, according to my today’s experience your nature free and frank and because of this we communicated with you frankly and got good knowledge from you.
Wicky Sir you are quite good in communicating skills. You has the good listening quality along with good personality. The patience level you have is appreciable, There are many things you cleared which are in my mind specially doubt for youtube and google.
Snehal Bhovate
Wicky ap bahot active or +ve thinking wale ho aur aap ki bahot capacity hai standing ki…aur aap any time matlab aaj bahot happy rahate he…aur aap ki bolneki style bahot mast he… 🙂
Mayuri Dhore
Giridhar More
Hi Sir, it was a nice experience to attend this session, in my point of view, you are very knowledgeble person, personally I am impress to you…your style…basically in profession and very friendly overall it was in a good. Thank you.
Ashvin Bhaskar
The training was very important for point of view.
Amardip Tayade
Thank you Sir, Wicky Sir is very friendly in nature, and the knowledge and some important tips related to interview was given by sir is very helpful in life, once again thank you sir for coming here and motivate us.
Sachin Lanjekar
Than you for giving program Wicky Sir…and you are friendly in class.
Vaibhav Dharme
I am happy for new knowledge. Thank you Sir !
Vishal Ade
Wicky is a good trainer and he has to told every basic thing related to its communication skills.
Akash M
Thank you sir in this program is very nice and I am learn more knowledge.
Dinesh Jadhav
Wicky is very helpful guy, he was very insisting to get the answers…he is truly helping everyone… All the best…
Rohit Joshi
The training is very good… And got some information in future.
Pravin Pawar
Trainer is highly audible and over all program is excellent and it is very beneficial for our future.
Amesh Dhorgode
Training is very good and trainer was very knowledgeable very good.
Sujit D
What knowledge share with us is very important my life so thank you so much for coming here.
Pawan Paithankar
Thank you so much for your valuable time and knowledge which is giving to us with very warmful attitude.
Md Nasir Md Shafik Chavhan
Wicky Sir is friendly in nature…Wicky Sir is knowledgeable person… How to talk and how to teach student…
Sagar Thakur
Wicky Sir is friendly in nature…Wicky Sir is knowledgeable person… How to talk and how to teach student…
Sagar Thakur
Wicky Sir, you are really great…you share your experience with me which is greatful to me. I learn so many things from your experience and knowledge.. Thank you Sir…
Priyanka Shiradkar
Nice program, we lean much more useful knowledge get fom it. Thank you.
Abhishek Maske
Nice program, we lean much more useful knowledge get fom it. Thank you.
Thank you Wicky, you giving the information about barclays to us.
The voice and communication is very good and your nature is friendly.
Punam Dhole
The overall training for us is beneficial for future objective.
Todays training was best because added inspiration and motivation self experience, thank you.
Rakshanda Dudhat
As compare to traning program this training is very food and knowledgeable, thank you Sir giving this knowledge.
It is the best opportunity for me, I have attend your lecture basically its best lecture in my college ever, I am appriciating your training…thank you Sir…
Sir you give us excellent training…it is essential to learn all this thing that give us… Sir you teach answer for the company requirement that is helpful to us… Thank you Sir…
Sir, the training is very good and we learned many things from you…Thanks for this training…I am sor glad to say that you are so friendly as trainer.
Wicky sir, you are so knowledgeable and you help to meet my all expectaitons regardng this training, I am so glad if I got a chance to work under your guidance, thank you.
Thanks sir for such a good knowledge which is helpful for me.
Sir your teaching is very good, thank you so much for teaching.
Sir, your teaching is very good, thank you so much sir for the training.
Facilitator is giving knowledge very well, the teach and overall training is very good.
The trainer has a good knowledge about how to face the interview, he has given us a very good training, teaching about the resume, introduction and some interview related questions.
The voice and the communication is good, I like your fluency in English, I like how friendly you are behaviour is, so that we can be comfortable.
Apurva Ligde
Wicky is very kind person, very encouraging and also very good trainer, he makes us to laugh during the session.
Wicky is very interactive, attitude and personality, he has very good quality and friendly behaviour.
Never had experienced like this, so thank you for directing us.
Pratiksha Rathod
Wicky I like one thing during training in you that you shared your own experience.
Mayuri Ingale
Thank you for coming in my college.
The training given by you is good.
Training is good because trainer interacted and gave good knowledge for future goals.
Our respected trainer is a excellent because whatever he teached that is very much important in life which is helpful and as a person he is good by nature and he has good common sense, he share all experience, thoughts and experience in magical way, if I will get a chance then I will definetly want to work with him, Thank you for coming sir 🙂
Bhagyashri Rathod
Wicky sir your personality is positive, strong. You are so motivated person I have met. In my point of view your belief is smartwork..wish you a very golden and bright future, thank you for your valuable training.
Jyoti P
The program facilitator Wicky David Sir is knowlegeable and experienced person, he gives lot of knowledge to us regarding company recruitment. I am glad to attend this workshop, he is motivational person, I want to meet him in future to attend his seminar again.
Kanchan Rathod

L S Raheja College, Mumbai

The trainer was knowlegeable for the interview and the best explaination.
Anchal Rai
The training was excellent, good it will help in future.
Saurab Raut
The trainer was knowlegeable, he tries to interact and encourage class participation. It was overall a good session.
Rutuja Madgulkar
The trainer helped me clear many doubts and was much supportive.
Krushanu Shah
Due to this seminar, I came to know how resume is formed, what is the proper meaning of hobby. It was very informative session.
The session was impressive and knowledeable.
At the time if any query then the sir help usto knowwhat the problem or what the right way to go ahead.
The training session was good and helpful.
Program facilitator has a good experience , as he give good effort to communicate with students.
Abu Majid Mohd Umar
Woul like to have more sessions in the college with Wicky David, Session was knowledeable and want to know more abput the soft skills.
Ashwini D
It was a great opportunity to learn from Mr. Wicky David.
Sapna Verma
We got nice knowledge from Wicky David. We would love to have this seminar again.
The seminar was good, It was knowledeable and worth listening. We got to know the do’s and dont’s in an interview.
The knowledge given by the trainer was very good. I will further use this knowledge in all the future whenever required. Visit again for a session next time whenever possible, If any query be in touch, Il contact you.
Vijay M
I felt very interactive and how I can apply for interview and resume.
Shruti Mode
This session was very helpful and was very interesting and interactive. Wicky David was interactive and training was well enough.
Shaikh Yasmeen
The session instructer is strongly knowledgeable. The instructor speaking skill is awesome.
Suresh P
Wicky Sir was very good at interacting. The things which he told us are very helpful and I look forward that he comeback for another helpful session.
Manali Patil
Mr. Wicky David, I liked the way you guieded us, I will be thankful to learn much more from you. Thank you.
Akansha Gupta
This session met my expectations. Wicky sir was highly knowledgeable. I look forward that he come back for another session and guide us the way he did today.
Megha Bhosle
Wicky David was very good to interact, good knowledge from him.
Soft skills seminar is very helpful to develope interview skills/ communication skills.
Ashish Chavan
Till now I think this is the best seminar and as per the recent requirement I think that is the best for our future.
Jinal Trivedi
I would like to say that Wicky David is a good and appreciable trainer. I got to learn something unique.
Rahul Negi
The program facilitator is very good at explaining somethin, he is excellent and it helps me to learn a lot.
Govind Gupta
The session by Wicky sir was very good. I wanted the session to be a bit longer cauuse Sir has to rush on certain topics 🙂
Vivek Gupta
Provided us with knowledge which we were unknown, good personality and communication skills and very interactive.
Shruti G
The trainer was very much friendly with the students, there was very good interaction and coomunication in the sesiion.
Jimit Shah
The trainer was good in communication and encourage audience.
Kiran Indulkar
The trainer was student friendly and he was very interactive and encouraged us to share our knowledge.
Clarke D’souza
Strong personality, shared something which we were unknown till now, especislly the question and answer parts, and more precise how to answer “about myself”.
Manish Tiwari
The facilitator was quite interactive and good at his speech. Interacting with him helped to know alot about the corporate world. He helped in knowing the changes tat have taken place in the corporate world in a particular period. Interacting with him again would be more beneficial, he helped in clearing our doubts and advising us about our know hows.
Ayyushi Khanna
The speaker was knowledgeable, a very good speaker and could interact well with the crowd, overall the session was very good.
Johnson D’souza
The time duration should have been more.
Jagruti Parab
The ACC model of Wicky is helpfu; as per my knowledge.
Ranjit Gowda
Wicky was very much interactive and the activity helped us in lot many ways. Wicky have a very good knowledge about the industry, he is updated with most of the recent trend and news.
Jinal Jain
Friendly and Humorous.
Sneha Gondawane
Wicky David gave us the full knowledge in the training sesision. He is a very good speaker.
Pooja Raut
I want to become a speaker in future, if got a chance, want to become like you sir, excellent speaker, had a great session.
Atul Bahera
I experience a lot if things from you Wicky, I had fear of confidence, but seeing your confidence of speaking, I am encouraged. I will try my best and increase the communication and confidence, thank you for guidance.
Hemali Joshi
I personally dont think you need to improve yourself as your session was very good and knowledgeable for me and hope everyone.
Nikita Jethwa
You were extremly good, the session engaging along with knowledge, you have a very good humour.
Priyanka Bhist
Awesome session, and it has increased the confidence in me.
Neha Chaurasiya
The facilitator of this session Wicky David is a nice person, he interact with us his knowledge about the session is very good. The session was excellent.
Adarsh Viswakarma
The trainer has a very good communication, the session was excellent with knowledge.
Aishwarya Pawar
The trainer was good enough in explaining us the session that was based on, the knowledge will be really helpful in future.
Fanny Mendes
Knowledge you provided us will be useful in future.
Samruddhi Pawaskar
Mr. Wicky is very kind, soft spoken person, The knowledge given by him will surely help me in future.
Kajal Mulgaonkar
He was good in interaction, asking us the questions and if we dont no the answer he was giving the answers. Today’s session was very helpful to me and very different which I learned from him.
Shivani Tiwari
Mr Wicky was good throughout the whole seminar, and got great knowledge from him, just the time span was the only bad part.. Thank you.
Mamta Raut
It was positive and knowledgeable to understand for our future.
Rosa Fernandes
The trainer was very friendly and funny and it helped us to open up and speak.
Nireeksha Solanki
The trainer is very understanding while talking and talking skills very nice

MVM Degree College, Mumbai

N B Navale Sinhgad College of Engineering Solapur

Prahladrai Dalmia Lions College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai

Mr. Wicky David is excellent trainer and he has trained to us very smoothly and confidently. We are very thankful to get knowledge by him and will definitely apply in our life.
Shubham A Mishra
Mr. Wicky David is very appreciable person to whom who does not have experience of corporate world. Its good sharing knowledge with us. Thank you for giving us your important time.
Irfan Rais Khan
Wicky David sir is very knowledgeable person and he also share his knowledge with us and this is very grateful to hear him and his knowledge. When he shares with us is very useful for me and everyone and can apply anywhere at the time of interview.
Aanchal K Pandey
Thank you so much for sharing our knowledge with us. It was very helpful for me too.
Shreyash Upadhyay
Thank you for conducting this workshop. And it was very helpful for me as I had no work experience about it. The way you explained was convenient to understand. It almost met my questions which arises. Thank you.
Nisha D Waghela
The good knowledge about interview, Communication skills are very good and explaining the topic is very nicely.
Archana Yadav
Wicky handled the session very well. He is very knowledgeable & thumbs up to him. Keep giving & sharing your knowledge with students like us.
Divya Kadam
Very knowledgeable, Interaction was good. Good communication.
Archana Poojary
Good experience with the training session. It will benefit me for many such interviews.
Ninad Kamat
The knowledge learned would definitely help me out in near future.
HAditya Bapat
Learned new new things which we did not know. Sir helps me in dept on how to be perfect at time. Sir clarify all information regarding interviews.
Barun Singh
Wicky sir having good communication skill, it will definitely help me to apply in many interviews.
Jaiprakash Sawant
The training was very good. The facilitator was knowledgeable and was helpful for me. Shared good amount of knowledge with us.
Jayoti Karnokar
Training met beyond my expectation. It was so wonderful to have it. Great to have a learning experience. It will surely benefit me for my interviews.
Sonali Panda
Everything is good. But please speak Hindi and English both because some people don’t understand full English.
Vishakha Thakyr
Wicky you were fantabulous. There are certain questions where there was confusion how to go about it and you have answered most of the questions. You have provided us the manner how to appear and create impression. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and spending your valuable time for us so that we get a higher priority at whichever place we go. Hope to be in touch and the session was really worth.
Chitransh Soni
Learned so many innovative ideas about resume and interview skills that never known before.
Saurabh Sawant

Sanjivani College of Engineering, Kopargaon

Saraswati College, Shegaon

The trainer is knowledegeable, A very nice personality, Frank with student and not rude.
Shubhangi Jondhalekar
The training was beyond my expectation, I like to being part of this training. The overall training was very good to me, it help me in future so its very helpful to me, thank you so much sir.
Kajal Bhandare
The overall training was very good and I think it will be beneficial for all the students who had attend this, thank you Sir for giving us proper knowledge about the interviews and its preparation.
Madhuri Dhage
First of all thank you very much Wicky Sir for coming here and guide us, this is my first experience to face interview, I think you are the best guider, I am satisfied from this training, thank you.
Ashwini Bodade
Sir I want to say you that according to me you are excellent trainer, My expectations are fulfilled about this training and I want to get more training from you to grow up myself. I heartly want that from you sir, thank you.
Minal Awachar
Thank you ! Sir I was very glad to join your training, Sir It was my first training and I feel very good, Thank You. Have a nice day 🙂
Anjali Mal
Sir your knowledge is excellent and personality also good, your communication knowledge is very perfect a good thank you.
Vaishnavi D
Sir your training is very good for the students and your comminication skills is very good, lots of skill can give students from yourself, I am thanking to you for the great journey.
Manisha Sonone
Wicky is the best trainer in my life, they give various information about interview and question and answer, I am so happy to get useful knowledge about interview, thank you sir thank you very much.
Ankita Dhage
Sir your training is very good for a students future suggestion. Lots of skills student give and also me for training three day, I hope you Sir best of luck sir for your future and also thanking sir for giving time, for all the student a good suggestions and knowledge, thank you sir.
Rohini Thome
The trainig session is too good, students got too much experience from this session and trainer is too much cheerful with best personality.
Kalyani Ghangale
What you teach us that is very important and helpful for us. Thank you sir for giving us proper training and I am happy from your training, it is very helpful, Once again thank you so much have a nice journey 🙂
Komal Verma
Excellent knowledge gave its nice too and easy to understand me and that will be thing I newly learned and also understand my weakness, Sir veryy easy to cleared some things.
Neha Mondule
In training you teach us some important things, gives us knowledge that will be useful for me in future life, thank you.
Amruta Ghotal
That was excellent program in my overall life, I wish these program will be come again in my life, I am thankful for learn interview and all.
Kalyani Bharambe
I think this will be good opportunity to interact with you, I have much better knowledge from you not only about interview but also presence of mind, i.e. How to handle any situation, Thank you.
Puja Dhote
Hello Wicky !! You are very talented, I am impressed by you, I am very happy to say that I am satisfied with this training, all the queries about the resume is understand and thank you.
Harshada A
Wicky was a good trainer and speaker and I like the confidence of teaching, I gain lot of knowledge from these trainings.
Komal Narkhede
Wicky was really good speaker and knowledgeable person and easily explain each and every thing with particular manner, Wicky was excellent interactive speaker.
Sir was really encouraging, gave us good knowledge aboyut interview. The way he taugt us was very friendly, I learnt good sklls for interview point of view.
Sir really give me a good knowledge, it will help to my job interview, He was fulfil my mistake about resume and make my resume correct and best for interview.
Wicky was a good speaker and knowelegde, I gain so much knowledge for the training session, I will increase my confidence for this session.
Swati Unone
Thank you so much sir, you conduct this session, In three day I was learn more about my carrier object and my development only because of you once again thank you much you change my fear about interview.
Renu Pahurkar
According to me you are awesome and even so friendly with us while interacting, and this impacts me the most, I wish I could work with you atleast few years. Thank you sir, I am not calling you Wicky because your just deserve this, thank you.
Poonam Lanjulkar
Training is so good, I got knowledge about how interview is done, what types of questions ask.. How to speak etc, thank you so much for giving such type of opportunity.
Training was good, person is fully knowledeagble after training I am getting much knowledge about interview, thank you so much sir…giving knowledge so well.
Aayushi Jaiswal
Sir you are very encouragable and knowledgeable, more than thinfs that I can learnt you, your communication skills, behaviour and talking to any person behaviour is very fluent and this proof to the your perfect, so I am very encourage to your thoughts which is you share with us, I am very thankful to you.
Shivani Bangale
Speaking about the trainer, he is excellent to train us and making me confidenctly speak.
From 1st day to 3rd day Wicky showed his knowledeg also shared with us polietly, he has excellent communication skills.
Pooja Bobade
Trainer is good and overall training is excellent.
Training is so good.
I have feeling is much betterm, the program facilitator is knowledgeable and talented.
Nikita T
I have really feeling much better to attend this three days training, If I get opportunity to attend next time this training session I ready, Thank you so much sir and for giving this three days training. I feel comfortable after attending this session. Thank you.
Rajeshwari Sonane
Respected Sir, I would like to say that you are good trainer as well as good person, in three days we have learn lot of things. We enjoy your session, thank you for giving your time and knowledge. Your nature is so frankly we was not getting bore..your session we enjoyed it and learn lots of things will use this things in my life also, thank you. Your student.
Pooja Girhe
Thank you for giving me asking question, firstly sir you are the best and knowledge so nice…talking…language..etc very nice… Thank you sir…
Kanchan Waghmare
I would like your interview and you are good person and good trainer. Thank you.
Kiran Wakade
The training session is excellent, I got knowledge about interviews. This session is helpful for me.
Yogita Kadale
Your training is so good…I learned something new from you..your personality is awesome.
Aarti Dhanokar
The training session was really good for me as I got knowledge about resume, interviews and how to think and prepare yourself before going to an interview. Thank you.
Pallavi Patil
Good Person…Knowledgeable trainer…best quality of connecting with everyone and thank you.
Dipali Sontakke
You are so knowledgeable, talented and smart person. You will have all the qualities thats define you are the trainer..you give respect to each and every person, in three days I learn so many things from you. Thanks a Ton !
Ankita R
Wicky you are so better for my expectation about the training session..you also increase my peformance by talking…you ae inteligent and very nice. Also so good looking and I think I follow your training style.
Om Kubare
To Wicky, thank you Mr. Wicky to share my feedback to you. It is a very good experience with you as a student…will be help me for my future..you are encouraging person..keep this work for us to connect people and these knowledge. Thank you.
Umesh Bole
Thank you so much Wicky David to encouraged and learned about knowledge, nice to meet you.
Kanhaiya Agarwal
Sir this is my first pragram and I attend your program and I am impress your training, knowledge and experience.
Sachin Mishra
Thank you so much Wicky to encourage and learned about interview and some extra knowledge. I am very happy to meet you. Hope to meet you again.
Danish Ahmad
Speaking about Mr. Wicky David. I felt nice and encouraged during this session, I am very glad to attend this workshop under your guidance.
Shubham Hande
Speaking about Wicky, he is nice speaker. He has much ability to explain very well. Over all the training is good.
Rahul Agrawal
This is my first interview training. And your very excellnt to give knowledge to the students, thank you for your guidance.
Pushpak Ranpise
Sir, you ae so handsome, I like your nature, attitude and smile, you are so motivational speaker, I like you as a friend you are good looking, I love you Sir.
Shubham K
Wicky this is my first program which I participated and I was really impress by your training, knowledge, interaction with all other students. This training which should be inspired me by lot of knowledge. I think you should be taking many more program. Thank you 🙂
Akash Dhogade
You are give very important knowledge in a very good manner.
Sir., you are best knowledgeable and best experience.
Vaibhav Choudhari
Wicky, I like your training session of 3 days, I really gaining more and more knowledge, I thank you so much Wicky.
Gorakhnath Sarode
Wicky, I like your training of 3 days, I get to apply the knowledge in my life, training is good, Thanking You.
Md Mudassir Shaikh
Wicky, I like your training for 3 days, I like the most important thing you share the real life personal experience with us and there experiences truly relates with the training work. Thank you, so much for providing such knowledge.
Dhiraj Dane
Wicky is surely a very knowledgeable person and I wished that I could have been able to learn much more from him but due to time shortage I cant.
Tushar Dhanorkar
So frank and lovely personality and specially I like your shoes.
Ravindra Thakur
Wicky fulfilled all my expectation of soft skills training.
Dnyaneshwar Jadhav
I like your nature and attitude Wicky, You are good speaker, I am inspired by you, you are good looking.
Shrikrushna Shevalkar
Overall in this session that will be to get a knowledge and build the expectation for the job.
Saurabh Chaudhari
Most appropriate and best knowledge in this session. Best training.
Harish Jadhav
Most appropriate and best knowledge and excellent teaching by Sir and I will try to apply what I learn from you.
Sagar Kholgade

SRKR College of Engineering, Bhimavaram

Western College of Commerce and Business Management, Navi Mumbai

Very Professional in work & overall.
Nikhil G Alle
Mr Wicky was very good to judge the candidate and able to explain in very effective way about his strength and weakness.
The trainer Wicky David was excellent person. Who shared his experience and knowledge.
Vishal Yadav
Program facilitator was very good. He was very dedicated and was motivating throughout. His 14 years experience was truly worth for us. Excellent, Knowledgeable trainer.
The training session was too encourage able which is useful throughout life.
Rajani S Walmiki
The training was good and the doubts were solved with the help of Sir. And it was very actively participated in the session.
The trainer was successful in giving us a good corporate knowledge. He conducted mock interviews which is very useful for future to face interviews in real life. He has excellent communication skills.
Vatsala Verma
The trainer was able to give me good and useful knowledge which is very useful for me at this stage. In a short duration of time he communicated really well. I am satisfied a lot with this program.
Sneha Patel
Trainer was so interactive, used many example to understand things. He was so polite while telling us our mistake.
Sandhya Khandeshe
Trainer was very knowledgeable and professional.
Tehsin Khan
Facilitator Wicky David was a very good person. He encouraged us in communication. The fear to face the interview is totally disappeared now. Thank you Sir.
Best trainer ever. Explained using best examples.
Pooja R Gupta
The trainer was very knowledgeable. He gave lots of examples in the training session which helped me allot to understand the training session much better.
Padmavati Keshav
The trainer was actually able to deliver the practical knowledge which is really appreciated.

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